UPND Cadres Launch Dramatic Raid on Radio Chimwemwe, Hunting for Controversial Presenter

On November 9, 2023, a group of around 15 United Party for National Development (UPND) cadres made a dramatic entrance into the offices of Radio Chimwemwe in Ndola. Their mission? To confront Lighton Silwimba, a presenter they accused of tarnishing the party’s image by discussing its perceived shortcomings in governing the country.

With visible anger, the cadres positioned themselves on the ground floor, while others ascended to the seventh floor, where the main office of the radio station is located in Mpelembe House. Their goal was to locate and confront Silwimba.

The station manager, quick to respond to the brewing tension, promptly contacted the police, effectively thwarting the cadres’ mission.

In a surprising turn of events, shortly after their arrival, Chanda, identified as the group’s leader, received a call from a senior party official on the Copperbelt. This official chastised both Chanda and the group for their actions, expressing disapproval.

Realizing that their disruptive mission had been exposed and condemned by their own party, the group issued an apology to the station manager. They pledged not to repeat such behavior in the future.

This incident marked the second occasion on which UPND cadres had stormed the radio station in pursuit of Silwimba, whom they had been consistently threatening.

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