Police in Kabwe apprehended Chalwe Kaume, a radio caller, who expressed dissatisfaction with the UPND’s failure to fulfill campaign promises to the Central Province Permanent Secretary, Milner Mwanakampwe.

Mr. Kaume made these complaints during a live radio program on Cloud FM, where Mr. Mwanakampwe was a featured guest. He began by describing how he and his family now have to limit their meal times.

Mr. Kaume voiced concerns about the challenging economic conditions under the UPND, stating that it had become so difficult that he and his family had to save leftovers to ensure their survival the next day.

However, Mr. Mwanakampwe responded to the complaints with anger, using vulgar and harsh language, leading the moderator to intervene and cut short the conversation.

Mr. Mwanakampwe argued that the PF had mismanaged the economy, and the UPND was actively working to rectify the situation, prompting the moderator to end the discussion.

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