PF Rally Disrupted

Police in Lusaka disrupted a Patriotic Front (PF) rally that was scheduled to take place in Matero’s Constituency at Muchinga Ground of Zingalume compound.

Party Acting President, Given Lubinda, said the rally was aimed at sharing ideas with individuals that would be in attendance.

He added that it was very unfortunate that the police said they didn’t have enough police to be present for security purposes yet they staged 500 police officers to disrupt the rally from as early as 02:00hrs in the morning.

According to Mr Given Lubinda, when the police were asked why the rally couldn’t hold they did not give a precise reason but only stated that it was for security concerns.

The patriotic front were told to have their rally on the 30th of September, 2023 which did not sit well with them as reasons were not given.

In a statement, Zambia Police Spokes person Rea Hamoonga explained that, the police conducted due diligence regarding their request to hold a public rally.

He said, due to security concerns, the Patriotic Front Party were advised to have their public procession on an alternative period towards the end of September 2023.

Meanwhile,  the patriotic Front party expressed displeasure on the statement  from the Zambia Police Service to postpone the date of  holding the rally saying, all the security  measures needed, were put in place.

And PF Information and Publicity Chairperson Raphael Nakacinda said opposition party members will not allow freedoms and rights being infringed upon in the name of “security concerns”.

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