HOT FM cautioned by IBA over radio interview

THE Independent Broadcasting Authority wrote to Hot FM to express concern about a discussion programme which featured former University of Zambia lecturer Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa.
The authority said Dr Sishuwa’s assertions on governance and public appointments had the potential to cause disunity in the country and needed adequate probing or guidance from the moderator.
In a letter dated October 13, 2023, IBA Acting Director General Eustace Nkandu stated that the authority was concerned about Dr Sishuwa’s assertions that “there is a growing public perception that [President] Hichilema appears to see himself primarily as leader of Zambia’s one half of the country, mainly where the UPND has been doing well electorally.
“As you know Peter, the Lungu Presidency marginalized people from Southern, Western, and North-Western Provinces that voted for HH, and promoted those from areas where they had support such as Eastern and Bemba speaking provinces. Hichilema promised to do things differently but in power, he has largely reversed the old pattern. Though he has done comparatively better if Lungu is the yard stick for example”.
The Authority did monitor the said programme and observed with concern the failure by the moderator to adequately manage the programme. This situation led to the guest making assertions without being challenged and or guided by the moderator.

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