Threat incident against MISA monitor at Chilanga Police Station

On December 5, 2023, Margaret Kangwa, journalist and media monitor based in Lusaka with MISA Zambia, faced threats from five Police Officers at Chilanga Police Station. She had gone to seek confirmation regarding Police apprehending suspects related to a case involving a lecturer from Gideons Roberts University in Lusaka.

Reportedly, Chilanga Police had detained individuals connected to the publication of a story, images, and videos involving an alleged incident of a lecturer engaging in inappropriate conduct with a female student at the University. Among those detained was a social media comedian known as General Papa.

In an interview, General Papa explained that he was summoned by Chilanga Police for questioning and, upon arrival at the station, was detained on charges of committing a libel offense. He claimed to have shared a story and picture from Tikambeko News on his Facebook page as a means to educate other students about avoiding negative influences.

During the detainment of the suspect, Margaret Kangwa sought information on the number of individuals apprehended in connection with the case. However, she faced threats of arrest, with accusations of obstructing police investigations.

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