Journalists Face Harassment and Intimidation by Kitwe Police

Law enforcement officers in Kitwe created a hostile environment for journalists engaged in their official duties covering a press briefing for Kasonde Mwenda, the leader of the Economic and Freedom Fighters Party.

At Parkland Lodge, where the press briefing was taking place, police abruptly interrupted the event, instructing journalists to cease recording and erase all captured footage, alleging the illegality of the media briefing.

In a brief but tense encounter, a camera was temporarily confiscated from one journalist, with a firm directive for everyone to leave the premises. Additionally, the police compelled the EFF Leader to cancel the scheduled briefing.

Subsequently, Kasonde Mwenda and the party’s Secretary General, Changala Siame, found themselves detained at Riverside Police Station in Kitwe.

It is noteworthy that the Economic Freedom Fighters Party had previously conducted press briefings at the same lodge without encountering any disruptions.

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