Jackson Chama Convicted for Hate Speech

The Zambia Police Service has announced a successful conviction in the case of hate speech, with Jackson Chama being found guilty. Mr. Chama was apprehended in Lusaka on February 17, 2024, and subsequently transferred to Kalomo, where he faced charges under Section 65 of the Cyber Security and Cyber Crimes Act of 2021.

Appearing before Honourable Mooya on March 13, 2024, Mr. Chama, aged 30, residing at House number 238 Makeni, pleaded guilty to the offense of hate speech.

Today, March 18, 2024, the sentencing phase took place, resulting in Mr. Chama being sentenced to One Year Imprisonment with hard Labour, effective from February 17, 2024. He has been remanded at the Kalomo Correctional Service facility.

Furthermore, the cell phone used to disseminate the hateful content on social media has been confiscated by the state. An order has been issued for its sale at auction, with the proceeds directed to the Government Revenue account.

The Zambia Police Service reaffirms its commitment to enforcing the law and ensuring that those who engage in hate speech are held accountable. Citizens are urged to use social media responsibly and refrain from spreading hate speech or any form of discrimination.

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