Rogers Banda a journalist based in Samfya district of Luapula province was assaulted by a mob after he went to cover a planned protest by the members of the community.

It is alleged that residents of Musaila community wanted to perform a traditional ritual when burying one of the community members who had passed away.

The request was not granted by the village head man and this decision angered the members of the community leading them into protesting.

Upon getting hold of this information, Mr. Banda rushed to the scene to confirm the incidence.

But upon arrival to the funeral house, he was attacked by the angry mob on allegations that he was one of the security officers that the mob had earlier fault running battles with and had gone to spy on where the body of the deceased was hidden.

The journalist complained of body pains as he was hit with planks and stones.

The matter was reported to the Police and a Police report was issued. Also, a medical report was obtained.



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