Former Post Newspaper, Journalist, Peter Sukwa, has written to the Human Rights Commission to reopen his assault case against Petauke Central Member of Parliament, Emmanuel Banda.

Sukwa claims the previous judgment was unfair, given the physical and emotional impact of the incident. In a letter to the commission, he mentions the court’s fine of K12,000 for Banda assaulting him and urinating in his mouth.

Sukwa shared that after the assault, residents mocked him, leading him to move to another province. He also accuses Banda, now an Independent MP for Petauke Central, of attempting to burn him alive with a 2.5-liter container of petrol.

The alleged assault occurred in 2016 while Sukwa was investigating the reported issuance of National Registration Cards to Malawi nationals. The incident took place in Vubwi at Mdzigawa Primary School ground, where a Patriotic Front mob, led by Banda, reportedly attacked Sukwa.

Sukwa, who claims to still be traumatized by the events, is seeking a fair reconsideration of the case from the Human Rights Commission.




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